Experimental Orchard

Presentation of the experimental orchard

Aiming to launch new varieties of fruits that could potentially benefit from higher market value and consumer demand, the internal fruit and horticulture products” department of C.A.B., C.R.L. (O.P.), decided to install during the 2004/05 season a reference model plum orchard, predominantly containing American and Japanese varieties.

The experimental orchard seeks to show our associated growers, the vegetative behaviour of 12 different varieties of plums, from wish, three are installed under two distinct conduction culture patterns (fenced straight up type with short gap and vase with long gap), being technically monitored by the Cooperative qualified technicians in close cooperation with the French Cooperative (Capel), that also develops an experimental field in similar terms and purposes.

The field is located on the nearby village of Gamelas, over an argil terrain with a total surface of 1,125 hectares as well as over a valley with an approximate decreasing degree of 35º. The existence of a water fountain and two creeks on its lower area, allowed the construction of a lake that irrigates the orchard using a pump along with a drop-by-drop water distribution system.

All together, the experimental orchard contains a total of 1.000 trees (600 plants, imported from Italy e 400 inserted in situ) from 12 different plum varieties, implanted along 9 lines.


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